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The key to any e-invoicing initiative is to make it as easy as possible for your Suppliers to participate. Tungsten Network attacks this head on and provides an easy invoice software for you and your Suppliers.

Tungsten Network makes the on boarding process easier easier from multiple angles:

  • With just a few clicks of a button, Suppliers can self-enroll and can begin e-invoicing almost immediately
  • Web Form Suppliers transacting under 52 invoices a year pay ZERO fees. Period.
  • Larger volume Suppliers have the option to send flat files like EDI, xml, txt, etc.
  • Tungsten’s enrollment team contacts, educates, and implements your suppliers. Then, Tungsten Network offers support around the clock all over the world.
  • Intuitive, easy, user interfaces paired with local languages and easy tax compliance makes e-invoicing a no-brainer.
  • Our expert project managers, technical consultants, service delivery teams and relationship managers ensure your project stays on track.

Don’t make the mistake of kicking off an e-invoicing project without knowing how to bring your Suppliers to the party. Let Tungsten Network help. To learn more, download this Category Insight E-invoicing and Finance today!

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