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How AR can fight back against traditional and slow postal services

Since 2011, next-day USP deliveries have declined by over 15%, causing growing issues for business AP departments.

According to research firm Hackett, the average time for invoices to reach suppliers and enter their financial systems has increased, reaching an average of ten days in 2021.

Although e-invoicing has grown in popularity, a significant number of businesses across the US still use paper invoicing. Delays to payments invite charges that companies could do without, especially as the economy continues to struggle against the protracted consequences of the global pandemic.

In this thought-provoking webinar, Tungsten Network teamed up with Solution Dynamics to discuss the crucial steps needed to reduce invoice delivery and payment time.

Listen to our webinar to understand:

  • What the USPS mail delays are costing finance departments.
  • How the pandemic has affected the mechanism and slowed payments to the suppliers.
  • How businesses using automation can improve their ​Invoice cycle times and DSO by 30%.
  • How Solution Dynamics Distributed Print Network can optimize time and cost to deliver invoices in North America and around the globe.

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